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September 16, 2009

Sprint: Seeing No Deal, Weisel Downgrades - Tech Trader Daily. Should Google buy Sprint?

Sprint: Seeing No Deal, Weisel Downgrades - Tech Trader Daily - Barrons.com.
“Current price levels do not fully reflect recent changes in the Sprint business and the wireless landscape, including the launch of the Any Mobile plan, Palm Pre discounts and modifications to executive compensation, all of which we feel reflect challenging fundamentals in the hyper-competitive U.S. wireless market,” Breen wrote in a research note.
It looks like the T-Mobile deal is uncertain.
Imagine, if you will, a Google purchase of Sprint. Device manufacturers supporting Android will find a sympathetic carrier for an already extensive 3G network. Sprint already has very competitive voice and data plans, so this would represent an immediate attraction to new customers, with a solid path for the future.
There must be some obvious reason why this deal can't be done. I'm just saying.


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