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September 04, 2009

Kindle 2 not a keeper

Kindle cmdt
I'm returning the Kindle 2 after less than a week of use. I was very impressed with the creative packaging, but when I finally opened the box, and started it up, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be.

The screen is so blah. Dirty beige whites, against not quite black blacks, don't provide much in the way of contrast. Sure it's portable, but if you want to read in bed, you have to make sure you have a lamp nearby.

I've had a much better reading books on a Treo, since the bright screen helps tremendously in any circumstance. The Kindle would win if I were reading in bright sunlight, but that's the only positive I can think of.

You don't scroll the pages of each book, you have to refresh, during which the screen inverts to black screen for a moment, and a little too slowly. Navigation is also slow, and you find the cursor taking too long to catch up to your input, which leads to overshooting a link that you intended to highlight.

With the imminent release of the new iPod Touch, I think I'd prefer to use the Kindle software on that device. I wonder what ebook software will be available for Sprint's new HTC Hero.

Shown in the picture is a sample version of CMDT 2009 I downloaded. It's a real disappointment compared to a hard copy. Tables are not rendered well, and the slow navigation was too much to bear.


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