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March 24, 2008

Quick links - general business news

From The Economist, "Everywhere and nowhere: social networking will become a ubiquitous feature of online life. That does not mean it is a business."

Video interview of Mike McCue on the Mobile-Device Market: McCue, founder of the Tellme Network (now a subsidiary of Microsoft), talks about speech recognition technology and challenges to expansion in the U.S. mobile-device market. To point out the need for speech recognition, McCue talks about the iPhone: "It takes six steps to change the song you're listening to."

Palm Still Loves Businesses

Amid all the talk of BlackBerrys and how Apple is turning its iPhone more towards businesses, one of the former leading smartphone players has been relatively quiet: Palm. On Thursday, the maker of the Treo smartphones said it’s still in the enterprise smartphone game.

From WSJ:

Palm Inc. swung to a fiscal third-quarter loss on declining revenue despite strong sales of its new low-cost Centro smart phone.

HTC names Google phone 'Dream'

FierceWireless is speculating that: "the handset makers and carriers involved in Google's Open Handset Alliance are probably going to start releasing launch dates and device specs for Android-powered phones at next week's CTIA Wireless conference."

India set to overtake US as the country with the second largest number of cell phone accounts.

India counted 250.9 million wireless users at the end of February, while the U.S. counted 260.5 million users at that time. China counted 540.5 million users. Despite China's monstrous figure, India has it beat in terms of growth: India added about 8.53 million new subscribers during February, while the U.S. added 2 million new users.


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