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November 21, 2007

Where's Google Health?

Last I heard, Adam Bosworth had left this project.

Here are some supposed screen shots of the site courtesy of Google Blogoscoped. Does it really go by the codename "Weaver"?

Part of the plan according to a NYTimes article is that the this will be part of the effort to allow the average person to have an online record of his or her healthcare history. If you consider the plans for changing our healthcare system in the US from both the Democratic and Republican parties, what is similar is their belief that consumers of healthcare, meaning everybody, will play a more active role in what some call patient-based, or consumer-based healthcare.

Will this happen soon? Before the various caucuses and primaries? And why not?

To be able to access your health record via your cell phone, where, for example, you could produce your last ECG (electrocardiogram) as a jpeg, in the eventuality you have to visit the ER because you're experiencing chest pains, would be worthy of much praise. It's possible now, but it's not happening. Why not?

The recent media darling, the iPhone touts it ability to allow you to find pizza in a pinch. Why not the hospital that has facilities for angioplasty, or the nearest stroke center?

We as consumer are carefully taught how to discriminate for the the best in technology--the ultimate handheld device.

It's time we expect the major players such as Apple and Google in doing truly amazing, maybe even lifesaving, things with their technology.


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