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September 14, 2007

More dating site e-mail spam, this time from YouTube

After the Quechup fiasco, I think more people are aware that seemingly innocuous invitations are simply new ways of spamming. This is an e-mail message I received today that uses YouTube. If you follow the link to YouTube, you're asked to either accept or reject the invite from this member. If instead you click on the member name you see that their url is a dating site.

This also happens with folks commenting on the videos that you upload. If you select e-mail notification for comments on your videos, you'll see all the comment spam. I know YouTube is actively working to prevent this.

Hi Bill,

I've been using YouTube to share personal videos with my friends and family. I'm inviting you to become my friend on YouTube so I can easily share videos with you in the future.

To accept my invitation, please follow this link and login. If you're not already a YouTube member, you can sign up first.



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