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February 06, 2007

Win a Garmin GPS for speech recognition story

Nuance is offering a Garmin GPS system for the best story describing the use of their Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software. The contest runs till March 16th. You can submit stories in any of these 3 categories:

  • Most Creative Use
    Are you using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in a unique or innovative way? Are you a novelist, poet, or blogger that has reignited your creative spark using Dragon? Are you a computer programmer that uses Dragon to dictate lines of code? Are you a student that uses Dragon to create reports and other school projects?
  • Greatest Productivity Gain
    Have you saved a significant amount of time as a result of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Has your office adopted Dragon to save precious time creating meeting notes, presentations or reports? Are you a busy lawyer that uses Dragon to make transcribing your notes a snap?
  • Greatest Personal Impact
    Has Dragon NaturallySpeaking changed your life? Has Dragon made it possible for you to use your computer completely hands-free? Have you used Dragon to heal your repetitive stress injury at work? Have you overcome physical challenges with Dragon’s help?

I've been working with Professional 9 which is the latest version. It works remarkably well for dictating scientific text with minimal training, and it also can be used to navigate through Windows XP and most software. I haven't paired it up with a handheld digital recorder yet, but should be doing this in the near future.

Microsoft's Vista has its own speech recognition software, but I haven't heard any reviews of it yet.


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