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May 10, 2006

Live blogging Google press day

[Watching the Web cast] CEO Eric Schmidt just finished his talk with the general theme of how Google can "scale to no boundary." No boundaries to the potential for growth for his company, or so he says. He talked about the various services already released. That's it.

Om is physically there, blogging with his crackberry.

Alan Eustace is giving an overview of the Google technology. He's using the example of a medical textbook index to describe how a search is performed. It's anticipated that Google Health and Google Purchases will be announced today after all this runup is over.

Alan is taking questions now. The buzzword now is "space," as in the search experience in the video space, mobile space, or maybe even the MySpace space.

Twenty to twenty-five percent of queries have never been seen before, he adds as a statistic that Google has not disclosed before.

Esther Dyson asked for some clarification of this stat, but the speaker said that he could only assume that this meant 20 to 25% new, unique queries.

He's going on about how Google has "special technologies" to deal with spammers.

In response to a question, he outright refuses to explain how Google monitors the quality of searches performed. He could only say that they have a higher quality than the competition, and it's continually getting better.

A new group of speakers is talking about Google's global projects. "Scaling of our product vision," is the buzzphrase. They spend most of their time evangelizing about the Internet to companies and ad agencies, to convince them to convert from "brochureware." Again, more talk about scaling.

Question about click fraud. They claim not a big issue. If they catch someone with their "internal tools," they go after them, may even take legal action. But in any case, they refund the advertiser.

How much is Google spending in China? Ans: Taking a long-term view. In China: 100 million PC users, 350 million mobile users cited. Room for growth, again, we will scale.

Click to call technology? Advertiser's perception of this? Ans: Interesting but early in its evolution. It's where you can click on a link and call the advertiser directly...and then have to deal with the automatic phone system?

20 minute break

        Is 'Big Daddy' Choking Google? eWeek is saying that continual tweaking by Google of their technology has caused site to drop in relevancy or disappear. "Big Daddy" is Google's new data center that plays a part in determining relevancy.

As screen-name JohnW writes in a SearchEngineWatch forum: Google "rolled out some new technology to fix some things, and in the process they seem to have broken some other things. There isn't much to say about it other than it's broken—it is what it is and will be over when it's over."

Because of Big Daddy, the theory goes, Google must completely erase the databases where it keeps its 8 billion-plus Web pages. Then it will add Big Daddy and kick-start the indexing.

eWeek also guesses that this won't be brought up today.

Back to the program...

"Thanks to Google, instead of needing a major procedure (probably exchange transfusion), we avoided..." or something like that. A young couple is shown in a video talking about the problem with their newborn (neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, most likely).

Now, a retrospective about search. Google claims 3x as many Web pages as compared to any other search engine. "We need new breakthoughs, new tools..." to continue to provide better services. Comprehensiveness, relevance, latency, and user experience are the four major concerns.

Advertising: serving the long tail and the shoulder of the curve of advertising budgets. Click to call mentioned again, where one click allows user to contact advertiser live (I guess less chance of click fraud). The long tail is the new hockey stick.

Now demo'ing Google maps for mobile.

Google Trends: search Google traffic by...geography. "You can create your own zeitgeist." People in Honolulu, Brisbane, etc. do a lot of searches about surfing. First of the launches, three more to come.

Google Desktop v.4: Google gadgets (video player, etc.) available from a sidebar. The desktop they're showing is starting to not look like Windows anymore. Recommendation center: if we see you're a movie buff, you get prompted with the video gadget. Want to autoconfigure a personalized home Web page? That can be done with all this stuff.

Google Co-op: take the expertise you have, and contribute it to Google. You subscribe to people you think have similar interests.  You can label URLs so that you can build verticals by topic. Web links can be labeled by experts, and it will list who subscribes to their feeds.

Google Notebook (avail. next week): take notes about your search results.

Questions. Adwords seem more successful than Adsense? Adsense: finite number of partners, should be more publishers to grow revenue.

Executive Q&A: Multiple questions about Google competing with Microsoft in both browser and desktop apps.

Some of the new Google apps can be found at Google labs.

http://health.google.com still not available. I don't know if the video after the break was meant to be the announcement, a teaser, or whether the announcement has been delayed. Om says that he also hasn't heard the official announcement.

Advertising Age asks about mobile marketing, any plans for MVNO? Mobile advertising is in testing, no plans for MVNO. But, they anticipate a bigger market than that for PC users.

CNET asks about Big Daddy, which they say is being investigated.

It's over. Google Health still remains a mystery.


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