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January 23, 2008

Really bad PowerPoint

I just quit a Webinar after 15 minutes of non-information. It doesn't matter what the presentation was about, it just lost me right from the start.

First, the slides of the PPT presentation were loading slowly because of the fancy logos and graphics that provided no information whatsoever.

Next, came slide after slide of management speak, as you see in this slide disguised to protect the boring party talking about their mission statement.


Advice: your first slide should be the heart (pun?) of your message. Then follow with the slides that support this. Bullet points should be outlawed. The semicolons make it look like legal document.

Also, start your presentation without apologizing endlessly for the slides. It's as if they were pieces of photographic film that are not easily replaced. One of the speakers (btw going back and forth with two speakers is another distraction) said "These first slides really go slowly." I guess you're telling me you haven't practiced this presentation beforehand. I got the impression that this person was seeing these for the first time, and reading them while trying to make chatter.


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