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October 03, 2007

Sci sites become more BoingBoingish

This is a trend I'm tracking where science Web sites, SciAm, Popsci, Popular Mechanics, Wired et al, are beginning to increase their news item cycling, to keep their sites fresh for an online public that have different expectation over the print audience. Staying one step ahead of the rapidly, continually changing internet zeitgeist is a pursuit which requires moment-by-moment awareness of the breaking stories.

Today on BoingBoing.net you see a post, Physics lecture cribbed for TV commercial about an item on SciAm's blog, "Australian actresses are plagiarizing my quantum mechanics lecture to sell printers."

I'm sure SciAm is shooting for the virality (the physics lecturer's site has now crashed) previously only seen when something slashdotted. Now, readers at almost all blogs and online sites are urged to use the various bookmarking services such as digg or del.icio.us that the people can scan the most popular stories on the Web.


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