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October 03, 2007

BoingBoing becoming more Rocketboomish

Today we see the first installment of BoingBoingTV, but instead of the single female commentator sitting at a desk in front of a world map, you have the Mark Frauenfelder, the originator of the BoingBoing franchise, along with Xeni Jardin, doing the talking head thing in front of a hot red swirl which make them look like they're emerging from a strawberry sundae.

Any regular reader of the BoingBoing.net will recognize this video as representing the typical content of the blog: a mix of futurism, cultural trends, do-it-yourself tech, and science stories that have broad appeal because of their quirkiness.

Their explain their foray into vlogging with their post, Boing Boing tv: same old BB, but with talkies.

They're also working on the possibility of allowing viewers to post their videos. I guess they're also becoming YouTube-ish.

UPDATE: Looks like Rocketboom is trying a different tack. This show breaks from their usual humorous webcast and does a serious overview of the situation in Burma. Actually, it's pretty good and uses graphics very effectively. It ends with a video plea by Jim Carrey asking people to e-mail the UN Sec'y General.


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