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September 03, 2007

Freelancing lifestyle: Labor Day is a day of work

It's a day of work, but when it's something that you enjoy, you fall into it.

Seth has something to say about "hard work." It's not about working long hours. The hard part is risk. Is about reading and digesting the information that you come across, and then synthesize a unique product or service that benefits your audience.

The Web readership is very savvy when it comes to evaluating someone's new take on a topic, let's say, making people more proactive about determining how their healthcare dollars are spent--the so-called patient-centered healthcare system. You come up with a proposal, based on what you read but also on a large chunk of intuition. There are no studies to support your idea because you're at the stage where you are thinking about the study design that will best support your idea.

This type of hard work generate the greatest rewards because you're pulling ahead of the pack, not spending endless hours doing subroutines like mulling over e-mail, posting on social networking sites or consuming what everyone else is consuming. I don't follow the virality deity.

This is also the reason that I'm looking for new tools for finding and processing information even if it's just strategies for crunching e-mail or optimizing FireFox for blogging. They help with the heavy lifting while you're digging for the rare find, the scarce tidbit that makes the journey worthwhile.

Freelancecartoon UPDATE: some of the perks.


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