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October 05, 2006

SCIENCE IN SOCIETY- Climate Change and Cloning for the Average Joe?

This is part of the series of conferences entitled "Atlantic Transfer - Great Ideas Are Mobile" hosted by ConRuhr. This one is scheduled for tomorrow at the German House at the United Nations Plaza. From their Web site:

New Challenges in Reporting on Science
Science is no longer just for the scientists: A well-informed public is needed, since it is the public's interest that fuels the policy and funding influencing scientific discovery. A dialog between science and popular culture is necessary - but how does one best balance scientific and journalistic practice?

The Atlantic-Transfer Conference on Science Journalism 2006 brings together science and media experts from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss these topics.

Whose Story is it?
Researchers, Reporters and the General Public
The first part of the conference will focus on the tension between researchers and reporters, and the general public's perception of science in society. Especially important is the question of how to maintain scientific integrity and still catch the interest of the public.

The Selling of Science
Politics, Science, and Public Policy:
The second part of the conference will illuminate the interaction between politics and science. Questions such as how scientific discoveries influence politics and how political decisions affect scientific development will be focused on.

The workshop will bring together representatives of the main German media, heads of academic departments and leading American authorities in Science Journalism.


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