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October 02, 2009

You MUST Own a Wireless Router - Reviews by PC Magazine

You MUST Own a Wireless Router - Reviews by PC Magazine.

I might be useful to emphasize the security aspect:

It Provides PC Safety

Routers typically have two built in firewalls. The first is simple NAT for network address translation, which isn't so much for protection as it is for simply making the Internet connection work to all your computers. The second is SPI or stateful packet inspection. Most modern routers have SPI, which keeps extra track of data in network packets and makes sure it's kosher (i.e., you requested it), protecting both the router and your computers by filtering out the bad.

There are other settings you can make to your router, such as disabling universal plug and play, and choosing WPA2 using both TKIP and the stronger AES, but it depends on your model, YMMV.


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