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October 29, 2009

iPod Touch 3G: 2 days from China to front step, but it has to be returned

IPod Touch FedEx tracking I received my iPod Touch 3G yesterday, but now I have to return it because it loses the Wi-Fi connection after a short period. But, it did get here in a hurry.

You can see by the FedEx tracking table here that it made its way from Kunshan, China to Springfield, MO, by way of Anchorage, in two day's time.

I told the FedEx delivery person that I thought this was amazing, and he said that he checked the main tracking number just to see how many were being shipped (per day?). He said he stopped at looking when he reached 50 pages of shipments, with each page holding 50 items.

I said there must be a dedicated plane just for shipping Apple devices, and he said that the entire shipment is cleared through customs while the plane is in the air.

So far, I notice improved performance of the last 2G iPod Touch I owned. The games load and play faster, working more reliably. I downloaded the Kindle reader, and for me, this beats the Kindle without a doubt.

It's the perfect second device (I don't need another digital camera), plus I won't have to drain my smart phone's battery.

UPDATE: As it turns out, people are having problems with the iPod Touch and Wi-Fi. My previous two Touches worked perfectly with my home WPA2 secured network. I was able to listen to music using Pandora with little or no problems.

I even went to the local library to test it on their wireless network, and sure enough the same thing happened. For fixing this, people are suggesting that you change your network security to WEP, type in random numbers when it asks for the passcode, and then even though you see a prompt saying this is the wrong code, the wireless service starts up anyway. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY.


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