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October 21, 2009

IMS slate allows patients to view consent forms wirelessly

IMS slateThe is a slate tablet computer from International Medical Solutions meant to be used for patient education and other apps.

From their press release:

Using IMS' Mobile Patient Communicator™(MPC) platform with wireless 10- or 12-inch touch-screens, clinicians and administrators have access to illustrated, animated and video-enhanced content to explain medical procedures. After presenting medical alternatives, administrators can review paperless, easy-to-read consent forms with patients and family, plus instantly record and file all documentation at the point of care. The consent files can quickly and easily be appended to the provider's practice management and electronic medical record system(s).

I don't know if this will make consent forms easier to read by the patient, or if the patient could annotate, and send a copy via e-mail so they could keep a copy or send to someone else to evaluate it.

From their PDF explaing the medical consent form app: "...the MPC helps doctors explain procedural risks and
complications...." It looks like this means that there will be a consent form customized for each procedure so that procedural risks and possible complications are listed for that procedure. This I'll need to confirm.


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