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September 16, 2009

The carrot and the stick | MassDevice - Blog entry

The carrot and the stick | MassDevice - Blog entry.
Integrating wireless technology into medical devices presents the industry with both a carrot and a stick: Stimulus cash (carrot) versus increasing demand for connective devices from hospitals (stick).

This is a blog post about the Inaugural Medical Device Connectivity Conference and Exhibition. David Spenciner gives a basic overview of ARRA, and comments about the attendess:
Interestingly, the conference audience was split about evenly between engineers and IT folk, but the number of clinicians was limited to one or two MDs and a small handful of RNs. Also, nearly half the attendees were from hospitals, while the other half were from vendor companies with a vested interest in the field. The remaining 10 percent was mainly comprised of consultants and academics.

He also mentions the lack of input from the FDA.

The Web is all abuzz about "mobile" or "connected" healthcare to the MEGO point. It's hard to promote your conference as THE event to attend. The dichotomy between the clinicians and the IT Dept. has to dissolve, so that not only are they equally represented, but there has to be an effort to provide cooperation between two very different cultures.

There will continue to be a pressing need for IT Docs and Nurses, with collaborative training with the IT pros, and the vendors should be listening when they develop their devices and services.


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