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September 06, 2009

Predictions for Apple's 9/09/09 event

Yes, it's official that Apple will be holding an invitation only event to announce some new gadgets/services related to music ("It's only rock and roll...")

Of course, the 9/09/09 date suggests a Beatles connection, and it's believed that we will hear that the Beatles portfolio of music will be made available on iTunes.

What I'm more interested in is an update for the iPod Touch. I've had both versions one and two, being very much impressed with these handhelds for being able to access the Web and doing other things.

What I hope to see announced:

iTunes: iTunes 9 with QuickTime X, 64-bit and maybe more of a social capability ala what gdgt is doing with their site.

Cocktail: this provides the ability to buy not only music but also the album art, ringtones and liner notes.

Finally a new iPod Touch (I don't care about a new Nano or Shuffle): video/still digital camera, 3Gs chipset, and 16/32/64 GB models. AT&T as a carrier has been a big disappointment, even though sales of the iPhone has been stellar. But to have a device such as the iPod Touch that will basically have all of the functionality of the iPhone without the hassle of monthly payments, will be most impressive, and I think will send this handheld and the Apple OS platform to new heights.


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