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September 09, 2009

Pogue talks with Jobs; see's a "rebranding" of the Touch as a gaming device = wrong.

I just listened to Pogue being interviewed by the CNBC gang.

Pogue said he interviewed Jobs today. No talk about the iTablet. Pogue agreed with the CNBC commentator that Apple is afraid that a beefed up iPod Touch would cannibalize iPhone sales. Pogue agreed; I agree.

Pogue then said that Apple is rebranding the iPod Touch as a gaming device. David, that campaign is about one year old. I've had two Touches. They're not gaming devices. Buggy software from the App Store, and poor controls. I'd get a Sony PSP if I wanted a portable gaming device.

Pogue likes the video from the Nano.

If the Apple handheld version of OS-X is going to be accepted as a viable computing platform, they will have to give up the protection of the iPhone. People want a full-function iPod Touch. That's what Apple didn't deliver today.


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