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September 24, 2009

Hospitals becoming wireless hotbeds

Hospitals becoming wireless hotbeds.
Over the last several years, many hospitals have gone from being no-cellphone zones to wide-open wireless environments, with multiple types of wireless networks co-existing to provide anywhere communications and real-time delivery of medical testing data and telemetry. GE Healthcare, a division of GE (NYSE: GE), has been at the center of this trend, teaming with MobileAccess for wireless LAN capabilities in its GE Carescape Enterprise Access platform for managing patient data, and then with Sprint  (NYSE:S) to also offer in-building voice and data transmission.
I don't know if "wide-open wireless environments" is necessarily a good thing. Sure, this is an over-hyped story of the trend towards accepting wireless support in hospitals--who's to argue with the "hotbeds" pun?--but it does mean progress, if and only if security and patient privacy issues can be addressed and maintained.


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