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September 04, 2009

Brain scan: Paranoid survivor | The Economist

Here's another take on Andy Grove and his book "Only the Paranoid Survive." It was mostly about Intel's need to make a sudden change when they lost memory chip dominance, and had to switch to specializing in microprocessors.

Since the book came out, he's spoken that a similar "10x change" was bound to happen in health care.

Brain scan: Paranoid survivor | The Economist.
Another business he believes to be ripe for disruption is health care. He complains that the industry seems to innovate much too slowly. The lack of proper electronic medical records and smart “clinical decision systems” bothers him, as does the slow-moving, bureaucratic nature of clinical trials. He thinks pharmaceutical firms should study the fast “knowledge turns” achieved by chipmakers, so that the cycles of learning and innovation are accelerated. (A knowledge turn, a term coined by Dr Grove, is the time it takes for an experiment to proceed from hypothesis to results, and then to a new hypothesis—around 18 months in chipmaking, but 10-20 years in medicine.)


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