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May 13, 2009

Quick links for medical wireless topics and related

"Conficker worm hits hospital devices"

"A few weeks ago, we discovered medical devices, MRI machines, infected with Conficker," said Marcus Sachs, director of the Internet Storm Center, an early warning system for Internet threats that is operated by the SANS Institute.

I went to the SANS Website and did some searching to find more about this story with no luck. I did look at their Internet Storm Center which told me that Adobe has released patches for the zero day threat associated with PDF readers.

"Implementing an Electronic Medical Record at a Residency Site: Physicians’ perceived Effects on Quality of Care, Documentation, and Productivity" (this links to a virtual viewer of the entire journal issue, but you can select certain pages and download as a PDF)

Published in this month's Wisconsin Medical Journal is this study that surveyed 38 physicians at a single family medicine residency clinic in which the NextGen EMR was installed. They "were surveyed at 3-month intervals regarding perceived impact of the EMR on quality of care, documentation, and productivity."

From the Abstract:

Conclusion:  Not only did physician production rise immediately, it stayed as the increased level for the duration of our study period. This may be due to improved documentation supporting more appropriate billing. However, physicians also perceived the EMR as taking up more of their time.

Pulse pen picks up sound and scribbles

I tried to order the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen when it first launched, but on checkout was told that it would take months to fill the order. Then I began to wonder if its microphone would really be capable of recording a lecturer's speech distinctly enough to make this purchase worthwhile. Recently, I've had several people recommend this product, but I'm still not sure if it will improve my workflow or just be another quirky gadget with another set of batteries I need to babysit.

The above link is to a review by a Vancouver reporter who vouched for the sound quality:

In one-on-one interviews, the recording is flawless—as good as any digital recorder’s. Writing with the pen has no effect on the audio, as expected. What surprised me, however, was how well the mike muffled background noise and picked up sound from speakers. When former prime minister Paul Martin made a speech at a noisy Chinese restaurant during the recent campaign, the Pulse picked up every word.

Maybe if I'm in a situation where I need to do multiple live interviews this product will be useful, but it seems intrusive if you want to engage in conversation. Mighty be too high on the scale of nerdiness for me.

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