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March 17, 2008

"The Audacity of Hype": false promises for wireless remote patient monitoring

I just submitted an opinion piece for Medical Device Daily Perspectives entitled "The Audacity of Hype." This addresses what I consider the most hyped aspect of the claims that the vendors are making regarding the use of wireless remote patient monitoring.

The research and the interviews that I did produced much more materials than I could possible include due to space limitations. As it turned out. most of the people I interviewed will be speaking at the 5th Annual Healthcare Unbound conference in SanFran this July. I'll probably get out there to spend some face time.

I hope people don't get the impress that I have a dim view of the use of this technology--nothing could be further from truth. I just think that the practicalities of clinical practice must be taken into account when these systems are designed. Most of my opinions are based on my experience in clinical pathology and general surgery.

Besides continuing to talk about these topics on this blog, I'll review some of the whitepapers I've been reading over these past two weeks in preparation for this article. There are a few that I consider very useful. There are some that are voluminous and say nothing.

If you have an opinion, or have a recommendation for a resource, I'd love to hear it.


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