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February 05, 2008

Toumaz Technology presents wireless body monitoring System at ISSCC

Yesterday, Toumaz Technology Limited delivered a paper on its Sensium™ system at the IEEE’s International Solid State Circuits Conference 2008. It is entitled "A 1V Micropower System-on-Chip for Vital Sign Monitoring in Wireless Body Sensor Networks."


As you can see in this illustration, then sensor is embedded in a adhesive bandage so that it can be applied on body depending on the desired monitoring.

From their press release:

Toumaz’s paper [describes] its groundbreaking Sensium™ sensor interface and transceiver platform, which enables intelligent, real-time, ultra-low power wireless monitoring of multiple vital signs – such as ECG, heart rate, body temperature, respiration and physical activity – via standard handheld devices such as mobile phones.  The unique combination of ultra-low power wireless and signal processing in one small System-on-Chip (SOC) allows the economies of scale of the semiconductor industry to be harnessed for healthcare markets for the first time.  This enables the development of highly functional, robust, low cost, disposable and non-intrusive monitors (including “digital plasters” or patches), for application in a wide range of healthcare and lifestyle management products.


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