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February 05, 2008

Scoble agrees: Microsoft/Yahoo! mashup targeting mobile search

When I heard about Microsoft's plan to purchase Yahoo!, I immediately thought about this alliance competing against Google for dominance of mobile search.

Here's what Scoble has to say:

2. Google stands to gain HUGE by slowing down this deal. Every month longer that this deal takes is tens of millions in Google’s pockets. Why? Well, the real race today isn’t for search. Isn’t for email. Isn’t for IM. It’s for ownership of your mobile phone. I met the guy who runs China’s telecom last week in Davos. He’s seeing six million new people get a cell phone in China every month. So, every month that Microsoft and Yahoo will be stuck in some courtroom arguing out why this is a good deal means money in the bank for Google as they close mobile phone deal after mobile phone deal.

BTW, I'm working on the final draft of the first edition of my newsletter, and it will contain this and other topics relating to medical wireless technology.

ANOTHER VIEW from TeleCompetitor:

Yahoo and Microsoft have some pretty impressive wireless forays already. Microsoft’s mobile operating system, , is on 150 handsets and is available from over 100 different wireless operators from across the globe. Windows Mobile will ship on about 20 million handsets this year alone. Yahoo has struck wireless alliances with the likes of , , and to feature , including ad and search capabilities. A combined Microsoft-Yahoo could create a compelling integrated suite of services for wireless operators and consumers that may trump anything Google tries to do with . Mobile wireless represents the next big growth engine for broadband. Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google understand that, and they are now positioning themselves to take full advantage of it.


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