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February 16, 2008

Pogue on "Star Trek-ishly accurate" Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9, now licensed for the Mac

Normally I don't watch the very theatrical videos on technology topics produced by NY Times tech columnist David Pogue, but this is a CNBC segment  entitled "Digital Dictation" where's he interviewed in their studio by their anchorwoman, in addition to his Commedia dell'arte clip.

Long story short:

  • He's been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) for 15 years now as a result of tensynovitis that developed from his writing/piano playing gigs
  • He's excited about the capabilities of DNS 9, he has described as being “Star Trek-ishly accurate" [98.9%] even without training the software by reading passages, compared to when he had to dictate word-by-word with older versions
  • He's a Mac person who writes the highly regarded "Missing Manual" books
  • He's almost in heaven now that the next version of MacSpeech Dictate (MSD) will be based on the DNS speech recognition engine
  • He'll have to spend some time in Purgatory, though. This new version of MSD does not allow correction by voice command (you have to fix transcription errors the old mouse and keyboard way, plus these corrections won't serve to train the software and increase accuracy), but will appear in the second version

See, the message was delivered without extras, costumes and special effects. Plus, I didn't get called out by the anchorwoman for calling her "Dude!"


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