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February 05, 2008

McCain receives endorsements from both ends of the healthcare reform spectrum

In honor of this being Super Tuesday, I thought I'd post what I found to be the most interesting story so far.

In addition to his endorsement by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger whose universal healthcare plan for California faced a recent setback, John McCain also came up with a nod from obstetrician Tom Coburn, MD, a Republican Senator from Oklahoma, and a fiscal conservative. Coburn's plan for healthcare reform, "Universal Health Care Choice and Access Act" is a free market solution that doesn't require mandatory participation. Based on these endorsements. what would McCain do to reform health care should he be elected?

McCain's view of healthcare reform from the WSJ:

Mr. McCain takes a false regulatory lunge when he says he wants prescription drug re-importation, which could harm U.S. pharmaceutical innovation. However, he's on firmer ground when he emphasizes medical malpractice reform, coordinated preventive care, and price transparency, all of which will help control health-care costs. These are also the natural complements of tilting the health-care system toward a more market-based model.

That article also says that McCain is favor of people being able to purchase health insurance across state lines which is currently prohibited. It adds, "Mr. Romney goes out of his way to trash it."

Coburn also favors McCain's open market view that the in-state coverage mandate be rescinded.

I did a breakdown, a while back, of various health care reform plans from both the Democrats and Republicans on my other blog, Lexicillin QD.

OK, now back to tech stuff.


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