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September 18, 2007

Doc Searls says that blogrolls are dead

Here's his rationale.

And, here's the e-mail I just sent to him:

The Web should be about featuring ideas and not
people. This the problem I had with Facebook, and I've
since inactivated my account.

My answer will be to have a featured blog post which
remains at the top at all times. The extended post
will contain the list of topics I'm following. Next to
each topics I'll provide the latest links that I think
are relevant. As time goes on, I'll replace the links
with better ones.

This will also show your readers see what topics you are

This human created directory is what Google can't do,
but what Mahalo wants to do with the entire universe
of Web knowledge.

Even though social media is supposed to be the big
thing now, the ever-growing, static list of "friends"
is a relic of the past.


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