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September 12, 2007

Deactivated my Facebook account

Basically, it's an answer in search of problems. It's overhyped and doesn't deliver much.

It's about people, not about ideas.

I haven't been able to find someone who was willing to explain the point of using it.

And all those Facebook apps...who cares about the endless ways to shuffle around information and media?

MORE: It's hard feigning interest in people who contact you. "Hey, great idea!" I'd rather not be in the position of rejecting people either. Then there's the problem of having to check in to see if you received any messages, and then having to answer them.

I'd rather spend the time supporting the close relationships I already have. Jason Calacanis has already declared Facebook bankruptcy once.

I guess you can justify the time and energy if you have something you need to promote to a wide audience who are led to believe at the same time that you're their "friend." I think you run the risk, however, of turning your relationships, or you, into a commodity. Facebook may work for a small group of people in one environment, as in a college or workplace. But, with the weight of 40 million subscribers and growing at a rapid rate, I think it won't last.


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