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August 31, 2007

The semantic Web enabled by new software technologies

One of the verbs Merlin Mann talks about in dealing with incoming information is "Delegate." The goal is to take 3 actions for every single attempt at reorganizing or reclassifying an item to store and look at later.

It would be great to have a secretary who could be hand to accept these delegated items. But he is how the Economist reports on new gains in achieving a semantic Web:

You can, however, delegate some things. At least, you can if you are Rael Dornfest, a technologist and entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon. When Mr Dornfest e-mails his business partners about meetings and interesting tidbits worth archiving, he copies the e-mail to his assistant, Sandy. Though she cannot yet organise his evenings in foreign cities, she can run his diary. She also runs his address book and forwards reminders from his wife to his mobile phone without being asked.
Sandy is really a bot.

The article mentions a trio of new technologies that will empower these bots: "the Resource Description Framework (RDF), the Web Ontology Language (OWL), and the SPARQL query language. Together, they allow computers to group objects and their features—from prices and measurements to locations and user ratings—into meaningful relationships and hierarchies, by analysing their associated metadata."

Improving the internet | The web: some antics | Economist.com

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