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May 02, 2007

WiMax PC card approved by FCC

Wimaxcard_2 dailywireless.org » Clearwire Gets Carded

This is a roundup of this story by dailywireless.org.

The first type 2 laptop card, developed by Motorola, has been approved by the FCC for Clearwire Mobile WiMax serviceMobile WiMAX wave 2 uses a 2×2 MIMO system [Wikipedia on MIMO: "Multiple-input multiple-output communications, in electrical engineering usually refers to wireless communication systems using an array of antennas (i.e. multiple antennas) at both the transmitter and receiver.], said to have twice speed as Wave 1, and is said to provide some 60% longer range through beamforming.

This is all part of Motorola's plan for their wi4 WiMAX broadband network.

Their Web site assures us that "WiMAX isn't your average disruptive technology." Considering how it's been embraced by carriers including Sprint, it's mainstream even before it's implemented.

TGDaily reiterates Intel's plan for processor support of WiMAX:

As it was the case with Wi-Fi integration, also WiMax is likely to become part of wireless chipsets for notebooks and eventually part of integrated processor packages. Intel recently said that it will be offering a WiMax chipset for its Centrino technology as part of the “Montevina” platform: Montevina is scheduled to be released with the “Echo Peak” WiMax/Wi-Fi chipset in the first half of 2008.

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