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April 30, 2007

WSJ: The Future of Wireless

Real Time - WSJ.com

Jason Fry checks in with a blog post subtitled: ISPs, businesses, and even cities seek to offer cheap or free connections--which will win?

Nothing new here, except for mention of the recent Fon/Time Warner Cable deal, and the opinion by Dana Spiegel of NYCwireless who is "skeptical of the deal's impact, seeing it as little more than a public-relations move for both companies."

The Fon USA CEO acknowledges that there are only 60,000 "Foneros" in the US, with more of a view toward the future for a workable network.

There does appear to be agreement that muni Wi-Fi projects are likely to be complementary to the efforts of the ISPs and other commercial wireless providers.

Fry talks about the "much-hyped WiMax," which might be a tad too cynical considering the commitment by such companies as Sprint, and the device manufacturers.

Spiegel, using air conditioning as an analogy, makes the point that wireless broadband access, once considered a luxury (or "much hyped"), will be seen as a necessity for communication and commerce.

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