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May 20, 2006

NYT's David Pogue on the Treo 700p

Pogue "This is the one smart phone that you can really get enthusiastic about."

I don't know how long this link the David's NYTimes piece will be active, but it' also worthwhile to check out the associated video. He shows a close-up of what it's like to use the Blazer browser at EvDO speeds.

Long story short--it's much better than the Windows 700w because of the better screen resolution and the Palm OS. Seems even the Palm OS can run Office smart phone programs better than the Windows Mobile programs.

The video shows him using the Treo 700p as a wireless, Bluetooth modem for his laptop. I think this is the killer app for this device now, and it will generate the strongest word of mouth advertising for this smart phone.

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