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May 04, 2006

Connected Healthcare: How to make it work?

Mit_ef_1This was from just a few hours ago at the "Connected Healthcare" presentation hosted by the MIT Enterprise Foundation. It featured analysts, established tele-health companies, and VCs brought together to discuss what business models were likely to provide the best return for long term investment.

(Pictured are Liz Boehm, an analyst for Forrester Research; Astro Teller, CEO of BodyMedia which produces "lifestyle monitors"; and Don Jones, VP for healthcare business development for Qualcomm.)

Overall, this was one of the best presentations I've attended regarding the business of wireless disease management. I took copious notes, so it will require a series of blog posts to cover all the relevant material presented.

I overheard one attendee say that almost always events like these are "thinly attended, but this one was packed." I have to agree, and also add that the audience was energetic and hungry for information. The consensus was that for several reasons, the time was right for pursuing projects in tele-health. I had to clear out of the way as the audience rushed to the panel table at the end of the session.

The only disappointment was the lack of representation by clinicians. In fact, one attendee brought up the issue of how this new system of treatment at a distance would impact physicians, and if anyone considered what they're reaction would be. I'll cover this issue in another post.

Much credit is to be given to the producers of this presentation, with so much good analysis being presented in the span of two hours. Thanks to Stephanie Cion of Aetna for the invitation to this most informative event.

As I said, in the next few days I'll present all the salient points, provide links, and get the discussion rolling in the blogosphere.


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