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January 16, 2006

Sandisk joins with Anonymizer

Sandisk is now offering a 30-day trial of Anonymizer for its U3-compliant thumb drives.

The Anonymizer was previously featured on the StealthSurfer thumb drives which typically retail for $180 for the 512 MB version. Now, you can buy a 512 MB U3-compliant drive for about $70, and then add the software you need. The yearly license for Anonymizer is about $25 per year.

For this yearly fee, all your html requests on the Web are routed through the servers at Anonymizer.com. They maintain a pool of dynamic IP addresses that they change daily for consumer accounts. It also prevents the phishing, pharming and spyware mischief the may occur on your PC.  Also, if you visit other companies and use their PCs, all evidence of your Web surfing remains on the thumb drive. You might also want to mask your company's IP address if you're doing research about a competitor's Web site.

Of course, this opens up the possibilities for those who wish to post messages anonymously on message boards and blogs. This is the downside of this technology, which occurs with every new increase in capability. But these sites could very well stipulate that they only receive posts from verified users with consistent IP addresses. (Does anyone use dial-up anymore?)

I hope to be able to try out this service soon with my PC, as I wasn't able to purchase a Sandisk U3-compliant drive this afternoon at BestBuy. To find out more about the U3 capability for thumb drives, you can visit the U3.com Web site.


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