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June 02, 2005

Light blogging day

Meanwhile, you can check out the exploits of Joi Ito and Dan Gillmor in Seoul, Korea as they report on the blogging scene there.

Joi says that while there are some 5-6 million blogs, they are 10 million "hompy" pages. These are home pages of web sites with photo albums, guest books, avatars, background skins, and background music. This is with a city population of 10 million and 45 million people nationwide.

There is a paucity of citizen-journalist or pundit-type blogs.

One of the reasons might be due to the success of OhmyNews. I visited OhmyNews as well, and they are truly an online newspaper powerhouse. You can read about them in detail in Dan Gillmor's We the Media, but they are a edited news website with droves of citizen journalists who submit articles. They have courses in writing for the citizen journalists, tip jars that people can pay them through, editors to help with the important stories, lots of influence and visibility and offline community activities. I can imagine that someone who had something political or pundit-like to say might easily choose to write for OhmyNews than to start a blog. This doesn't describe everything, but I'm sure that OhmyNews has attracted a fair number of the potential media blogger types.

When I went to check out the english version of OhmyNews, sure enough I found a medical story, "What Can We Learn from Medical Whistleblowers?" by Jeanne Lenzer, medical writer from New York. This online news service features other international authors as well.

Jeff Jarvis regularly reports on the topic of citizen journalism, in fact he's helping to revise the curricula at some J-schools when he's not writing about First Amendment rights.


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